Your Own Literary Awards

Darrin Atkins
2 min readNov 26, 2023

Celebrate your personal writing success

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You may not receive a lot of recognition as a writer. After all, there are so many content creators in the world.

But your written work still matters a lot, especially to you because you were the creator.

It would be nice to have a yearly awards event for writers on Medium. Even better, maybe one near every major city so that we could attend in person.

“I would like to thank my fellow writers," is something I might say.

“You inspired me to work harder every day," could be shared by somebody else.

“I will frame this," another could exclaim.

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This awards show may not happen. While we wait for it, you can always review how successful you became throughout this year.

Which content worked well for you? Most of us have a general idea of the success of our written content.

You can take it a step further and give yourself some literary awards. Here are some suggestions:

  • Most Unexpected Success Story. This has to do with content that seemed to find success out of the blue. Sometimes certain words really connect with people.
  • Most Commented Story. Beyond being popular, some articles or content pull in more comments than others. Which one did that for you?
  • Best Written Story. Which one are you most proud of? If you worked hard on something, you will appreciate it a little more. Maybe it was structured so well that it has become a new standard for yourself.
  • Best Personal Writing. It’s not always easy to share life lessons or personal struggles. Did you accomplish this and how did it make you feel? There are some things I have written that I understand have helped me emotionally.
  • Top Love Advice Column. Did you attempt to write any content about relationships or finding love? It’s good to share what worked for you or any advice you find useful. Believe me, I like reading about tips on how to dress sexy or look appealing.

We may never get to stand in front of our writing peers on Medium and thank them out loud for their recognition. I may not get to hold up my award while fellow writers clap and cheer.

But if I did, I will have my acceptance speech ready:

“Thank you, Medium writers and editors. When I was down and out, you believed in me and didn’t give up. This is for you!”



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