Your Writing Income And Efforts Shown On A Bar Graph

Darrin Atkins
3 min readDec 9, 2023

How statistics can help you succeed as a writer on Medium and anywhere else

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Have you ever wondered why you are not achieving the results that you want?

I know I do!

I sense this problem inside my brain a lot of the time. It’s something that stays with me and never goes away.

Other writers are wildly successful, either with their income or their skyrocketing views and comments.

What are they doing right?

That’s one of the best questions that any writer could ever ask, and the answers can be applied to almost any profession.

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Pie Charts and Bar Graphs

Remember in high school and college when you took that statistics course? I sure do because I took more than one.

I enjoyed statistics because it helped make sense of the world to me. As in, events could have a mathematical correlation but not a causation. They might seem to be causing each other but they are not.

One example I remember is that there was once a positive correlation between the number of storks in…



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